Welcome to what will become, evantually, my trading site for all online purposes. I know it is a little different than a PhotoBucket but navigation wise, it is that much easier to maintain a website like this and keep and up to date list for all trades who wish to swap cardboard with me.

HOW IT WORKS? — It’s real easy, all the players are listed on the right (Last name in CAPS) and in each players section I will place every card I have for trade for this players, including Autographed Cards, Jersey/Patch Cards and every Rookies, Serial Numbered or Inserts.

Scan will be available for most Autos & GU’s but for the rest, it might take some time before I scan everything so I will list for now. If you need a scan for a card, just ask and I’ll see what I can do.

So if you want anything you see here, just contact me.

And if you must know, I love going through your list/buckets. But I do gather a collection of ROY HIBBERT cards if you must know.

Enjoy the site and LET’S TRADE!

Stephane, the man behind Care for Cards

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